Carman's Muesli Rounds

May 14th, 2009 · Snack

The Pom is a big Carman's fan, he can have his oat cereal any time of the day - breakfast, lunch and sometimes even dinner. I swear I am not lying (cuz I am not a breakfast person... and usually skip it... I know I know... is the most important meal of the day...) So when I received this delicious Carman's muesli rounds in the post the other day, I think he is more excited than I am! Thanks to the good people at Media Moguls for shouting everyone a round! Get it? A... 'round'?

These low GI Carman's muesli rounds are perfect for those who are always on the go. It reminds me of Anzac Biscuit, soft and chewy; except it has fruity and nutty bits in it! It comes in two choices - Classic Fruit & Nut, or Apricot & Almond. They are both pretty tasty, but I think I prefer the Classic fruit and nut which has a greater spice and cinnamon flavour.

At $4.99 a packet, there are only 5 rounds in the packet. I was trying to save them as the last resource for doomsday; but nope, they didn't even last more than 3 days and all gone! I think they are perfect for the afternoon snacking break. At least I don't feel as guilty as having a whole packet of Tim Tam at one go!

These new range of Carman's muesli rounds are now available at your local supermarket.