Summer's come and gone, god knows where the February month had disappeared to while I was absolutely busy juggling with work, blog, and life. No rest for the wicked! But I am also very exciting about the new season, the new month and new adventures ahead! But of course, March also means new ATFT Food Tee! This month, I am very lucky to have an international prolific food blogger, all the way from Singapore to support this fun project! His name is Brad, but is his blog name that had caused a lot of question marks in our heads. He called himself the ladyironchef, and he is here to share his epicurean journey, from top end dining to the best cheap eats in Singapore.

1. Tell us more about yourself and when did you decide to become a food blogger? Hello everyone. I’m Brad and I started writing ladyironchef back in March 2007. ladyironchef is a Singapore Food Blog that features restaurant review and food photography on the best food in Singapore.

2. I know you have never heard of the Japanese cooking cult TV show until recently, then why the blog name "Lady Iron Chef"? Almost everyone asked me this question. Some of them thought that my blog name was inspired by the Japanese cooking TV show Iron Chef, but I only caught the show for the first time recently. Why the name ladyironchef? On that day almost three years ago, I somehow came across ladyironchef, and I thought that the contrast between lady and iron was interesting and the rest like they say is history.

3.  What is the ultimate comfort food to you?
I can never get sick of my mom’s home cook food, no matter how much delicacy I have tried; I will always miss my mom’s cooking.

4. Do you eat out alot? Or prefer cooking at home? why? On average, I eat out about 3-4 times a week. It really depends on the schedule for the week; I will usually make it a point to check out a new place in town when I’m meeting my friends.

5.  I met you recently during your trip to Sydney last December, so what do you think of the food in Australia comparing to the one back home? I absolutely love the brunch culture in Australia! All the folks really like their breakfast, there’s so many places serving brunch. Because of the differences in culture, most Singaporeans only have the time to enjoy brunch during the weekends, therefore we don’t have that many places that serve brunch during weekdays.

While I was on holiday in Sydney, it’s really fascinating to see that everyone enjoy their wine and it’s such a common practice to pair it with all kinds of food. Because of the tax levy on wines, and also the culture, not many people in Singapore know how to appreciate wine.

6. You are so young and already one of the most popular food bloggers in Singapore, share us your secrets how to become a successful food blogger? There’s no secret to food blogging, always be true to yourself and write from the heart. Learn how your camera works, take good photographs of food and write in a descriptive manner so that others can taste the food through your words.

Many people think that writing a food blog is easy, but they have no idea about the hard work and effort put into the blog. During the past year, there are so many new food blogs; only time will tell if they will last. But I think people shouldn’t be doing it because they want to get popular. Blog with passion, enjoy what you are doing, and naturally people will want to come and read your blog.

7. If you have to choose, what will be your last meal? Having good company always make the food taste a lot better. When you are with your love one, everything taste good. Slowly, both of you will stop noticing time. And who cares about what the others are doing or eating. What happens next, later, or even tomorrow, fades into insignificance. I will happily eat anything so long I am with her.

8. Do you think food bloggers play an important role in the food industry in Singapore? why? In recent times, PR agencies and restaurants are starting to be aware of the influence of the new media - food blogs. It’s a very exciting time right for food right now. The evolution of the web 2.0 is making PR agencies and restaurants to embrace changes and look at things from a different angle.

There are so many food blogs out there, and they are constantly checking out all the new places in town. The main advantage is food blogs are able to update much more regularly than the traditional media like newspapers and magazines. Whether you like it or not, I think we can agree that food blogs are here to stay.

9.  If I only have one day in Singapore, where would you take me to taste the best food in Singapore. Billy, please tell me you will drop by Singapore in May, I will love to bring you around to try all the best food over the island! Lets do a one-day food trail; we will start off by having Dim Sum at Yan Ting restaurant, St Regis. They have the best char siew sou ever, and I love the mini egg tarts too. Wonderfully light and buttery pastry, a smooth and not too sweet egg custard filling – it taste so good!

Even though I know Australia has much better brunch, I will like to bring you to Epicurious café at Robertson Quay, one of my all time favorite places for brunch.

Singapore is famous for chili crabs, so it’s a must-try for anyone who is visiting; lunch is at NoSignBoard seafood restaurant for chili crabs with deep-fried mantou.

While we do not have Adriano Zumbo in Singapore, there’s always Canele Patisserie for good desserts. One of my favorite restaurants in Singapore is Sage the restaurant, at Mohamed Sultan road; Chef Jusman can wipe up a mean duck confit, and for someone who do not like mushroom soup, I love the one at Sage!

As for supper, Singapore is famous for all the hawker food. First, we will stop by Zion road Char Kuay Teow, and there’s also the renowned Katong laksa. Not to mention we have not try Chicken rice, Satay, Hokkien Mee, and rojak!

10. Share your ultimate dining experience that you will never forget. Food-wise, life has really been good to me. I’ve enjoyed so much good food with all my favorite people, but I don’t think there’s an ultimate dining experience yet. Maybe there isn’t any, that’s why we will continue to eat, and eat, and eat some more to find out.

11. Your weapon of choice: chopsticks, fork, or knife? I never seem to be able to master chopsticks very well. A fork is really versatile and can handle almost anything, except for liquid. Well, since all the three choices cannot hold liquid anyway, I will go with the fork.

12. How do you poach an egg? Eggs Benedict is one of my favorite breakfast foods, but sadly I have no idea how to poach an egg. I heard it’s not easy, and making hollandaise sauce can be very tedious, so I will probably eat out when I’m craving for poached eggs.

13. Where do you see yourself and your food blog in five years time? It will be my blog’s third anniversary at the end of this month, Five years down the road? That means I will be blogging for eight years if I’m still here by then. I really have no idea what will happen in the future, but I know that right now, I really enjoy what I’m doing, the food blog has become a part of me, and I like it that way. I find joy in making people hungry.

Thanks Brad for the fantastic Interview!

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