Eat more. Shoot some more.

Thanks to everyone who attended ATFT food photography workshop and I'm stoked to know that everyone had a great time, learned something new and enjoyed some good food. My apology for those who missed out our first two workshops as it filled up rather unexpectedly fast.

But good news is, I have secured the private dining room at MUMU Grill and we will be having another two workshops on 5th and 12th June! As I am not sure whether there will be more demand for the workshops after this two, so for now I will just open two workshops at a time unless more people showing interests. So be quick and secure a seat this time.

After the first two workshops we've had, I think majority of the attendees are pretty good with cameras and understand most of the terminologies in photography. I think if you are unfamiliar with your camera, then best to read the manual and know where to find the settings, eg, custom white balance, ISO, spot metering. As it will save time and learn more in food photography when we talk about composition, depth of field etc.

The menu at MUMU Grill changes slightly at every workshop according to what fresh ingredients they can lay their hands on that day. We found that exciting actually so the workshop is also always different and not stagnant. Here's a guideline of the menu what you can expect:

Lunch courses

Bread and dips
figs with goat cheese and prosciutto.
18 month jamon
Black rusian tomato salad with buffalo mozzarella
T- bone tagliatta with duck fat potato and greens
Dessert platter

* All dishes to share among attendees.
* beverages included.

[ image above are shot by a student during the workshop ]

The workshop will cater for everyone with different levels in photography. Some attendees found the theory part is more useful, but some are more interested in the editing process which is second part of the workshop. Either way, there are always something to learn, nice people to social with, and of course, food.

Here are the details:

ATFT Food photography workshops

Workshop 1 (FULL)
Saturday 5th June 2010
Workshop 2 (FULL)
Saturday 12th June 2010
Attendees: 1. Ros L
2. Ana T
3. Zina Z
4. Maria L
5. To-quyen T
6. Amelia
7. Finn
8. Desmund L
9. Desmund L's friend
10. Betty P
11. Philip N
12. Fiona V
13. Helen L
14. Karen L
15. Jaime G
Attendees: 1. Leona K
2. Diana C
3. Diana's friend 1
4. Diana's friend 2
5. Minai T
6. Trissa L
7. Lauren Z
8. John H
9. Mark B
10. Ngoc P
11. Ngoc P's friend
12. Tony L
13. Steph L
14. Thomas D
15. Emma C
Time: 11am to 2pm (usually run a little longer)
Venue: MUMU Grill, 70-76 Alexander St, Crows Nest NSW

Duration: 3 hours
Class Size: 15 Max

Also check out ATFT Photography portfolio, so you can get a sense of what to expect at the workshop.

 Terms & Conditions

1. Workshops are open to anyone. Digital compact cameras and DSLR cameras users are welcomed.

2. Please bring your camera along to the workshop for hands on practice. Notebooks to write notes down.

3. Limited to 15 participants only. However, there is a minimum number of 10 participants for workshop to commence.

4. Registration and payment must be made via this website on a first-come-first-served basis.

5. Please inform me in advance of any specific dietary requirements.

6. In case of no show or cancellation, non refund will be made.

7. A Table For Two reserves the rights to make any changes without prior notice.