Melbourne, here I come.

Melbournians, I have a good news for you! Okay, maybe not as exciting as Oprah coming to Australia, but I finally get the chance to come down to Melbourne and share my ATFT Food Photography Workshops with you guys on the 27th and 28th November at St. Ali!

Now I probably sound like a broken gramophone, but thanks for all who are interested in my blog and my food photography, your comments and kind words are always the turbo boost for me to make myself a better blogger and photographer. I sometimes felt bad (and pressured) when I knew there were attendees in my class who had to travel all the way from Canberra since 4am just to attend my workshops. And foodologist is even going to fly all the way from Adelaide to Sydney for my next workshop! Seriously, I am not worthy.

As much as I would like to bring the workshops to other cities, logistically it is a costly exercise. After months of planning (or contemplating), I finally able to bring the workshop down to the beautiful Melbourne city, all thanks to the help from the good people at St. Ali for letting me using their warehouse to run the workshops. Unfortunately I do have to increase the cost just a little bit more to make it down to Melbourne as there are more expenses involved, including machine and projector rental to run the workshops, I hope you don't mind.

As these are the only two Melbourne workshops I've scheduled for this year, I have also increased the number of attendance to 30 seats at each workshop. I'd suggest you don’t leave it too late as they usually booked out fast.

I am looking forward to meet you all already!

~Billy @ ATFT