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Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Raises $50,000 For First Responders In Two Weeks

The family-owned franchise is using its reach for good by hosting a variety of initiatives in support of local first responders Dallas, TX  (RestaurantNews.com)  Dickey’s...


Top Restaurant Lunch & Mothers Day Flower's

Mother’s day is just around the corner, which means that it is almost time to show mum the appreciation that she deserves. With just a couple of weeks to go, it is pertinent to start your preparations to make the day extra special for her. However, the COVID-19 outbreak may have ruined your initial plans for a fancy dinner or a holiday to the Bahamas. Regardless of where you live, social distancing measures, community quarantines, and nationwide lockdowns may not be out of the norm.

If you live away from mum, then staying away may be the right move to keep her safe. And if you live in the same house, then you can still hold a small celebration to make her feel special. Here are some cool, easy, and highly-appreciated mother’s day gift ideas that the mother in your life will surely love.


It is rare to find a brick-and-mortar florist open amid the pandemic, as governments around the globe have ordered the closing of non-essential shops and businesses. But not to worry -- you can still gift mum a classic bouquet of wildflowers and baby’s breath by ordering them online. There are plenty of florists remaining in operation and can deliver beautiful arrangements right to your (or your mum’s) doorstep. Search online for one that can cater to your area.

Florists often prepare mother's day flowers in bouquets, especially when special occasions come around. While the virus may disrupt the supply chain and make some flowers unavailable, you can still find plenty of gorgeous alternatives that your mother will surely appreciate. If you cannot decide on which flowers to order, consider carnations, which are widely-popular for mother’s day. Apart from that, lilies and roses are also well-loved among mums all over the world.

DIY Present 

If you want to give your mum a more personal present straight from the heart, then consider working on a DIY project that shows your appreciation. You can look for ideas on Pinterest, which offers plenty of user-generated content for you to create mood boards and collate ideas. Something you can make with pantry ingredients is a lip sugar scrub. Nobody can deny that soft and supple lips are essential, after all.

Follow this simple recipe for a yummy and effective lemon sugar scrub for mum: take one teaspoon of olive oil, five teaspoons of brown sugar, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Mix everything until you have the perfect consistency for an exfoliator. Pack it all into a cute container and attach a handwritten card or painting, and that is it! Preparing a mother’s day gift has never been so easy.

Quality Time

If you happen to live in the same home as your mother, make her day extra special by taking on the cooking duties for the day. Prepare a breakfast, lunch, and dinner spread with her favourite food and sit together for a meal while reminiscing fun memories. If you are not much of a cook, then prepare some coffee or tea and spend an afternoon with your mum.

Experiences are some of the best presents, and most mothers arguably do not have the opportunity to spend time with their busy, grown-ups kids. While you are stuck at home, take some time to chill with mum. Watch a movie, have a coffee, eat some snacks, engage in a conversation. If you live apart from your mother, you can still spend time together despite the social isolation. Get on a video call and talk to her all day. She will most definitely appreciate the assurance and quality time together, especially with all the stressful things happening around the world.

Mothers are superheroes who have always been there when you need them the most. As a result, going the extra mile to show your appreciation is a no brainer. Regardless of what happens in the world, there is always a way to prepare something cool just for mum.

Bubble's and Chocolates for Mum

Who doesn't deserve it more than your mother after having not only carried you but raised you to who you are today. The least you can do is put together a nice bottle of bubble's, box of chocolates and don't forget a nice card to finish off your present!


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