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Today, food industry is one of the fastest growing businesses. Restaurateurs are seeking financial activities to bring in more business. Catering out of your restaurant is one such way to increase your sales and profits. Restaurant catering is a lucrative way to reach customers beyond your dining rooms. Most of the restaurant owners have banquets and private dining halls that can be used to organize events like wedding, business conferences or parties. While some also offer off-premise catering services. However managing your restaurant and catering business together is a challenging job. Therefore for your convenience given here are few tips on successfully running your restaurant catering business.

• First and foremost in order to run your restaurant catering business well, you need to be organized. Make sure that you have enough personnel to handle both the jobs simultaneously. You should also possess the needed equipment and tools along with additional space for storage and preparation. Ensure that you have all the resources to take a catering job and still manage to successfully run your daily business.

• Next you should be able to advertise your catering business well. You can start with your regular diners. As they already like your food and service, they are likely to be the most approachable and enthusiastic clientele. Let existing patrons know about your catering service through a notice at table tops or entrance or as an insertion in the menu. You can also start looking in local newspapers and restaurant associations for ongoing bridal and food shows. Set up your booth in these events with food pictures, price guidelines and services offered to attract potential customers. Another way is to publicize in local papers and media.

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