Festoon lights are traditional, big bulb string lights you see hanging at fairgrounds over the decades. They are also known as café lights or party lights. They’re the oversized glass globes, in warm whites or multi coloured and oh so popular.

Just as fairy lights are synonymous with weddings and Christmas celebrations through to brightening up outdoor events and illuminating pathways. Festoon lights bring party light atmosphere, are durable, come in an array of colours and can be installed fast and in a variety of pinned or free hanging ways at any venue type. Then, they are easily taken down and stored or used in another locations without any need for cleaning or maintenance to be done on them.

Event organizers love them as these lights are lightweight bulbs on a heavy duty black or white power cable that’s durable enough to be used indoors or outdoors all year round to create a lighting ambience or special colour effect. They are available generally in 4 to 10 meter lengths

Everybody wants a little extra sparkle to brighten up their restaurant, cafe or event, so let your imagination run wild!

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