Affordable Greenbelt Craft Kombucha Expands Restaurant-Focused Distribution and Walmart!

(  Greenbelt Kombucha is a craft, canned kombucha company founded in 2018 in Austin, Texas by serial entrepreneurs and fermentation experts: Adam Blumenshein, Tim Klatt, Nathan Klatt, Rick Boucard, and Gavin Booth of Couple in the Kitchen (*). Adam Blumenshein, Tim Klatt, Nathan Klatt, and Rick Boucard are also known for their award-winning Texas Saké Company, the highest rated saké in America. This team was on the forefront of the craft beer market moving from bottles to cans, and they’re pushing the same movement in the fast-growing canned kombucha space.

Greenbelt Craft Kombucha is sold state-wide in Texas via their initial launch with HEB, and this week marks the first of their distribution out of state. With Greenbelt Kombucha’s launch into Walmart, it can now be purchased in South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Washington DC. Greenbelt Kombucha is also available for distribution in the Carolinas to interested retailers and restaurants via their recent partnership with Ironpath Distributors.

Greenbelt Kombucha is made with the highest quality functional teas from the best tea producers world-wide. Each kombucha flavor is individually brewed and fermented with unique teas for each flavor. This provides an artisanal take on the increasingly-popular probiotic beverage.

Greenbelt Kombucha offers an entire line of gourmet kombuchas for anyone looking for a low-sugar, hand-crafted probiotic lift at a price that fits any budget. Each 12 oz can is only 40 calories. There are never any added fruit juices and no added sugars after the fermentation process. Greenbelt Kombucha also has lower lactic acid compared to most kombuchas, resulting in an easier-to-drink refreshing kombucha unlike the vinegary and “funky” flavors that some consumers dislike in other kombuchas on the market. The kombucha is sustainably brewed using 100% wind energy, and is packaged in a highly recyclable aluminum can.

Four Unique Flavors: Peach Blossom White Tea, Blood Orange Yerba Mate, Strawberry Fields Rooibos Tea, and Hibiscus Berry Royal Pu-Erh

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Affordable Greenbelt Craft Kombucha Expands Restaurant-Focused Distribution and Walmart!

Gavin Booth