For now, this will have to do. Photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

First there was Bud Light. Then Bud Heavy. Now: Bud Bubbly? It could be. Reports are, ahem, flowing that Budweiser’s mad scientists have been locked away in a room, furiously experimenting with hard-seltzer possibilities, just waiting to emerge with their own version of White Claw. The news was first reported by Beer Business Daily, which shares that Budweiser is hard at work not only on Bud Light Seltzer, but also on Bud Light Lemonade, and something called Bud Nitro. (“Bud Nitro,” of course, would also be a tremendous name for a dog with a wheelchair.)

Oh wait. There’s more: The company that owns Budwesier, AB InBev, is also allegedly working on a line of Stella Artois hard seltzer, which, of course, they should call Stellzer.