“Fuck this noise!” Photo: Michel Euler/AP/Shutterstock

French chef Marc “Don’t You Dare Accuse Me of Cooking With Cheddar You Scum” Veyrat is suing the Michelin guide. The lawsuit is in response to his restaurant La Maison des Bois being demoted from three to two stars, just one year after it was given three stars. Veyrat tells the BBC, “I’ve been disgraced,” and earlier this year told French website Le Point that he’d been suffering from depression following the news.

The question of cheddar came up once again, with Veyrat insisting to the BBC that he always uses French cheeses like Beaufort and Reblochon. (Not Cabot, you animals.) As for the lawsuit, the chef’s lawyer Emmanuel Ravanas tells France’s AFP that he wants Michelin inspectors to offer documents explaining their decision. The chef had previously asked to be removed entirely from the guide, and Michelin responded in a statement saying, “We understand the disappointment of Mr. Veyrat, whose talent no-one disputes.” The court hearing is scheduled for November 27, when Veyrat will, presumably, burn a mound of cheddar before railing against the tyranny of the tire man.