Chexology Launches ChexPass, the Digital Claim Ticket for Apple Wallet and Google Pay

The First “Tap and Go” Technology that Eliminates the Paper Claim Ticket in Checkrooms

Chexology Launches ChexPass, the Digital Claim Ticket for Apple Wallet and Google PayNew York, NY  (  Chexology, builders of Shark Tank featured CoatChex app, has partnered with Live Nation Entertainment, Big Night Entertainment Group, The Bowery Presents, I.M.P. Concerts and House of Blues to launch ChexPass, the first-ever NFC enabled claim ticket for Apple Wallet and Google Pay. The groundbreaking technology empowers businesses to go contactless at the checkroom and dramatically cut down wait times.

Chexology already reduces the pickup rush by 15 minutes per person at large concerts. According to preliminary trials, the addition of ChexPass improves this benchmark by 20%.

The process is simple: Guests easily add ChexPass to their digital wallets by scanning a QR code as they approach the checkroom. At the counter, guests tap their ChexPass to an NFC reader while attendants are handling their belongings. The guest is free to go while the attendant stores their items.

At pickup, guests no longer need to fumble in their pockets for a paper claim ticket, or worse, describe what their item looks like. They simply tap their phone to the NFC reader to pull up their profile so attendants can retrieve their items. Each item is associated with a ChexPass and, if not retrieved, guests can receive a text message alerting them that they’ve left an item behind. This process ensures items, or claim tickets, are not lost, forgotten or stolen.

“Ripping a claim ticket seems fast and easy at first. It’s the nightmares that happen at pickup that get you. The misplacements, chaos and the lines never seem to end,” said Derek Pacqué, Chexology founder and CEO. “Creating the digital claim ticket is how we will end these stigmas. With the rapid adoption of contactless solutions due to the coronavirus pandemic and thanks to our partnerships with Apple and Google, this innovation is primed to take off. Our customers will lead the way to a new guest experience.”

Beginning this week, Chexology will deploy the new digital technology to leading entertainment and hospitality venues across North America, including Webster Hall, Terminal 5, House of Blues, The Anthem, among others. Over the next year the company is accepting new partners into the program and plans to roll out the innovation to a range of other physical venues, such as stadiums, theatres, convention centers and museums.

“Chexology has shown time and time again that its top priority is providing their customers with technology solutions that speed our guests through checkout lines, make our employees more productive and provide management with the analytics and real-time insights necessary for making the right strategic business decisions,” said Leslie Salloum, director of operations Live Nation – Midway.

In the future, ChexPass customers will see several additional benefits, including express drop-off/pick up options, self-queuing and passive operational and promotional notifications based on location, time and beacons. Each program will create a more engaging guest experience while providing ChexPass customers with valuable behavior analytics to enhance and improve promotional content.

To learn more about ChexPass, visit To learn more about Chexology, visit here.

Chexology Launches ChexPass, the Digital Claim Ticket for Apple Wallet and Google Pay

About Chexology

Chexology (builders of CoatChex), the Shark Tank-featured company that digitally transformed the coat checking industry, uses groundbreaking technology to automate any transaction that involves the exchange of items for a claim ticket, such as luggage storage, coat check, rentals, personal items and more. The company eliminates millions of single-use paper claim tickets each year. Using a text-based application that modernizes checkrooms, Chexology delivers an unprecedented guest experience and provides data-driven insights to optimize hospitality management. Chexology’s clients include Barclays Center, Circa Casino and Resort, House of Blues Boston, ICC Sydney, Javits Center, Live Nation, MoMA, among others. For more information about Chexology, visit or follow @chexology on LinkedIn.

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