An Adelaide restaurant has named and shamed a customer apparently caught flouting strict COVID-19 rules.

Sneaky Pickle, at Goodwood, was left livid during busy service hours.

South Australia’s cafes and restaurants are currently capped at 75 patrons per room, but many are left with lower capacity due to one person per four square metre limits.

See the customer’s actions in the video below

Cafe slams customer flouting COVID-19 rules

Restrictions mean many of the state’s venues are forced to turn people away.

Sneaky Pickle shared security video of one customer on Saturday, claiming she decided to sit herself down despite being told the restaurant was at capacity.

The customer can be seen speaking with a waiter after trying to walk into the dining area.

After what appears to be a terse discussion, she storms towards a table.

The customer can be seen having a conversation with an employee.
The customer can be seen having a conversation with an employee. Credit: Sneaky Pickle/Instagram

“This is Amber,” the restaurant said in an Instagram post.

“After being told 3 times we are at capacity due to COVID-19 restrictions she still took (it) upon herself to get a table.

“Please don’t be a (sic) Amber. We need your help to support the restrictions put in place to keep us all safe.”

Many were quick to support the restaurant, slamming the customer’s actions.

“C’mon Amber, even if you had a booking then please wait patiently. Your friends are just as bad for watching and not telling you to pull your head in,” one said.

“No business is enjoying having to put restrictions in place, everyone is just trying to get by and can’t afford a fine if you bend the rules for people,” another commented.

The Goodwood restaurant faces harsh penalties if it's caught over capacity. File image.
The Goodwood restaurant faces harsh penalties if it’s caught over capacity. File image. Credit: Facebook/Sneaky Pickle

Businesses caught in breach of COVID-19 rules face a $5,000 penalty.

With the four square metre rule proving constricting for many, the premier says increasing capacity limits to one person per two square metres is “not out of the question”.

“We are very, very seriously considering changing the number of people permitted into our licensed premises,” Marshall said.

See the latest on SA’s coronavirus restrictions in the video below

Premier Steven Marshall on Friday provided clarity as to what the state’s stage three of easing restrictions would look like, as well as a major border change.