Our two-day local nightmare has come to an end: According to an Instagram post shared last night and another shared this afternoon, Di Fara Pizza will reopen at 2 p.m. today after being seized by tax authorities on August 20. All hail the pizza gods, may they always smile upon us.

In case you missed it, on Tuesday, ABC7NY assignment editor Morena Basteiro reported that the iconic Midwood, Brooklyn, pizzeria had been seized for unpaid taxes. Eater later discovered that the business owed nearly $168,000 dating back to 2014. In an interview with Bklyner, Margaret DeMarco-Mieles, the heir apparent to the Di Fara empire, said the state was seeking a lump-sum payment.

The news quickly spread, eventually reaching the upper echelons of city government, and on Wednesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio — who is still running to be the next president of the United States — tweeted that he was “ready to do anything to get them reopened” and that his team was “looking into how we can help resolve this situation.”

It’s unclear whether de Blasio played any part in Di Fara’s reopening, but at least we can all now breathe a collective sigh of relief. The worst is behind us.

This story has been updated to reflect a second Instagram update.