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‘Dogue’ San Francisco’s first restaurant exclusively for dogs – 98five – 98five


Monday, October 31, 2022 9:31 am

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The first restaurant for dogs

San Francisco is full of Michelin-starred restaurants and dog lovers. So Rahmi Massarweh, a dog owner and classically trained chef decided to combine the two and create a restaurant exclusively for dogs. At ‘Dogue’ for $75, each dog can get a several-course meal featuring dishes like chicken skin waffles or filet mignon steak tartare with quail eggs. Since opening, last month Dogue has received overwhelming support from customers who want to pamper their pets.

 But some critics have complained that the price is too high. But Massarweh spends hours cooking and preparing for service and says a similar menu for people could cost up to $500 as the ingredients he uses are not cheap. “When we make our food, it is a process. It is very time-consuming. There is a lot of technique. There’s a lot of method and detail to what we do. Our pastries, for example, take about two days on average to make. I know they’re going to be eaten in two seconds.”

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