A delivery worker. Photo: DoorDash

After DoorDash was criticized for a tipping policy that amounts to tip skimming in July, its CEO and co-founder Tony Xu relented and said the company would change its policy. The online delivery service had been criticized before for the practice, in which they guarantee workers a $7 minimum per delivery and use any tips by credit card to help pay for that. Fast-forward roughly a month, and DoorDash has bought Caviar while Xu has posted to his blog that the company has not changed its policy but will … next month.

According to Xu, DoorDash’s delivery workers will see their base pay increase from $1 to $2 (or up to $10, depending on factors like distance, duration, and desirability) and that all tips will be added to that basement. Customers will also be given the chance to give tips before and after deliveries. Xu says that workers will earn more money and that the company is working with a third party to ensure this is the case.

However, workers won’t get to see a breakdown of per-mile and per-minute rates included in base pay, a DoorDash spokesperson tells CNN. That isn’t sitting well with everyone. Seattle workers’-rights organization Working Washington criticized the company once again in a statement provided to CNN, calling into question whether you can trust “an updated black-box pay model that utterly lacks the transparency workers need.”