Eliminate Staff Overwhelm and Increase Guest Satisfaction by Sending Callers Text Messages for the Most Common Questions

The Call Concierge intelligently sends automated text messages right from your live call flow, freeing employees from answering every call.

Eliminate Staff Overwhelm and Increase Guest Satisfaction by Sending Callers Text Messages for the Most Common QuestionsLanghorne, PA; Reston, VA; & Vancouver, BC  (RestaurantNews.com)  With over 30 years experience serving 1,000+ businesses in the hospitality industry, Loyal Patron and Waitbusters Dining are excited to announce their latest strategic endeavor – The Call Concierge. This front end enhancement upgrades the greeting customers hear and automatically sends text messages back to the caller containing their desired response.

The Call Concierge was developed in response to the three of the most pressing problems facing hospitality businesses today:

  • Staff overwhelm due to competing priorities
  • Guest satisfaction due to staff shortage
  • Reduced revenue due to poor customer experience

This new service helps hospitality staff from answering every phone call and delivers an immediate response to the most common questions asked by callers.

“Staff shortages have plagued the hospitality industry since Covid-19 emerged and finding time to juggle a myriad of responsibilities, especially during peak operating hours is challenging for many businesses” explains Shane Gau, Chief Product Officer of Waitbusters Dining. “The Call Concierge helps alleviate this problem by instantly reducing incoming phone call traffic and delivering the answers callers seek more efficiently and automatically. The end result is happier customers and staff with overall increased revenue.”

Easy to use, quick setup, no additional equipment needed

The Call Concierge can be used by any business that sees value in directing callers to their current online services and webpages. It provides callers with quick answers without requiring your staff to answer every phone call. There’s no hardware or software to install, works with all hospitality services, and it takes less than three minutes to sign up for a no-cost 30-day trial.

“Businesses gain another massive advantage when using The Call Concierge and that is permanently storing links to online service platforms on customer’s mobile phones,” according to Loyal Patron, President and CEO, Adam Miller. “The ability to immediately receive links to online ordering menus, reservation platforms, specials, catering, and more for instant one tap access is a recipe for driving repeat business.”

Giving callers what they want delivers an exceptional experience

For example, after hearing the greeting, a caller may press 1 to place an online or delivery order or press 2 to make a reservation. The caller then instantly receives a text message containing a link to the appropriate digital menu or reservations or wait line page.

Benefits for restaurant managers

  • Focus on guest experience and staff satisfaction
  • Easily respond to compliments and complaints
  • Rapidly address the most important situations and immediate issues

Benefits for restaurant front end staff

  • Provide guests with a warm, friendly, welcoming service
  • Reduce multitasking stress
  • Stop error-prone phone order-taking, question answering, and bill payment

Raving feedback from initial customers

“We get more done. Adding The Call Concierge boosted morale because the hosts are no longer distracted with deciding to respond to our customers on hold or those in front of them.”
Dan Sufts, Buffalo Wing Factory

“Most of the easy questions that take up a lot of time are now handled with our The Call Concierge. Just giving directions or taking phone orders was a distraction. Our customers like it.”
Yana Alekseeva, Blackfinn Ameripub

“Every phone call my staff doesn’t have to personally answer provides more time to devote to our in-house guests. Amazing service.”
Lisa Malgrove, Lebanese Taverna

For all hospitality and restaurants businesses, The Call Concierge delivers exceptional service, easy setup, and a 30-day no-cost trial. Loyal Patron and Waitbusters are dedicated to serving the hospitality industry with innovative solutions available on monthly subscription.

Product links:
Website: www.TheCallConcierge.com
Video: The Call Concierge

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Adam Miller
President & CEO

Loyal Patron, LLC

Shane Gau
Chief Product Officer
Waitbusters Dining

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