First Mats launch new CaterStep Red Nitrile Anti-Fatigue Mat, Oil and Grease Resistant

Designed specifically with commercial kitchens in mind, the new Nitrile Anti-Fatigue Mat from First Mats is coloured red to allow kitchen users to easily differentiate between mat types.

First Mats launch new CaterStep Red Nitrile Anti-Fatigue Mat, Oil and Grease Resistant(  Industry-leading provider of industrial health and safety matting, First Mats have recently announced the addition of their new CaterStep Red Nitrile Anti-Fatigue Mat. This specially designed type of matting has been developed for use in commercial kitchens and to tackle the various challenges of that environment.

The new Nitrile Anti-Fatigue Mat has one feature which makes it stand out from the rest: it’s red. In contrast to the common black rubber mats found in many commercial kitchens the red colour of this new mat is a simple but useful solution, allowing users to easily differentiate between the nitrile mat and the more commonly found black natural rubber mats, which are not compatible with oil.

“With the CaterStep mat in our range, our customers now have an even greater selection of premium matting for their workplaces” states Richard O’Connor, the Marketing & Strategy Director at First Mats. “The durability and oil resistant properties of this mat make it an ideal choice for busy commercial kitchens and food production facilities.”

Truly built for the commercial kitchen environment, the mat is made from a compound of natural and nitrile rubber. This mix makes it highly resistant to oil, grease and many chemicals. Making it a safe and sensible choice to specify in commercial kitchen design.

The hole-pattern (honeycomb) design allows the mat to further benefit kitchen safety by trapping food and debris which has fallen to the floor. This also boosts productivity, allowing kitchen staff to safely carry on with their work during busy periods, returning later to clear up any mess that has been made.

Although safety is the primary function of this mat, it also comes with considerations for comfort built in. The Red Nitrile Anti-Fatigue Mat provides kitchen workers with excellent fatigue relief, helping them to work for longer periods of time comfortably and without the risk of long term damage.

The Red Nitrile Anti-Fatigue Mat is available for purchase in three sizes ranging from 90cm x 150cm (3ft x 5ft) to 90cm x 600cm (3ft x 20ft).

More Information and Product Details

You can find more information and specifications on the CaterStep Red Anti-Fatigue Mats on the product page:
CaterStep Red Anti-Fatigue Mat

About First Mats

First Mats are a UK based, industry-leading provider of quality industrial health and safety matting. With a clear commitment to quality, they are finalists for retailer of the year at the Birmingham Post Business Awards. Their commitment to customer service is also apparent throughout their excellent consumer reviews, being rated as number 1 in the UK in Trustpilot’s flooring category.

As one of the UK’s fastest-growing matting retailers, First Mats position themselves to bring maximum value to their customer base. Offering expert advice, high-quality products and free samples to help their customers find the very best solutions for their safety matting needs.

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