Five Things You Need To Know About CAULIPOWER

By Julie Lim

Five Things You Need To Know About CAULIPOWERAs brands emerge from the crisis, consumers will be looking for healthy choices in their favorite restaurants. Adding exciting new menu items is also a great way to attract new customers and keep existing fans engaged.

Julie Lim is the Executive Vice President of Foodservice for CAULIPOWER, the revolutionary brand dedicated to creating delicious and nutritious meal options everyone can share and enjoy. Julie and CAULIPOWER work with restaurant brands across the country to create personalized vegetable-based menu options that drive traffic to their restaurants.

Here are five things you need to know about CAULIPOWER.

CAULIPOWER is more than just pizza crust.

Although CAULIPOWER is known for its iconic cauliflower pizza crust, they offer so much more.  CAULIPOWER offers better-for-you, gluten-free, non-GMO versions of America’s favorite comfort foods without sacrificing on taste. This includes cauliflower tortillas, chicken tenders and riced cauliflower. Based on its success with restaurant partners, CAULIPOWER has seen that adding its items to menus can boost sales because customers may be more willing to try a healthier alternative or because it’s a recognizable brand that they’ve seen in the grocery store or tried at home.

CAULIPOWER knows vegetable-forward foods are on trend.

Grubhub reported that cauliflower crust claimed the top spot in the Taste of 2019 Year in Food Report, rising 650% in popularity throughout the year. Uber Eats expects the popularity of cauliflower to increase in 2020 after it took over the food scene in 2019. Yelp reported that some of its most popular searches in 2019 were for cauliflower pizza.

Five Things You Need To Know About CAULIPOWER

CAULIPOWER products can be utilized for multiple applications.

CAULIPOWER partners with each restaurant partner to provide personalized culinary innovation and a customized solution that works with operations. Their product line provides a blank slate for unique creations tailored to each restaurant concept. A cauliflower pizza crust can be used for pizza, but it can also be broken up into a crouton application for a salad, used for a flatbread sandwich or cut into quarters for dips. Cauliflower tortillas can be filled with a variety of ingredients, making for endless healthy options for existing menu items or the opportunity to pair with superfoods for a vegetable-forward entrée. The par-baked items offer a time-saving element for back-of-house operations and consistency over scratch-made items.

CAULIPOWER has experienced explosive growth over the past two years.

CAULIPOWER is a hyper-growth company that offers operationally easy vegetable-forward alternatives that match today’s healthier lifestyles. Their impressive growth has come from their ability to innovate the industry and create healthy products that also taste extremely good. CAULIPOWER’s inspiration for its products comes from consumers themselves. The brand recognizes what foods people are “meal hacking” at home to be healthier and then makes them more convenient and accessible. When restaurants incorporate these items into their own recipes, they are providing another avenue for consumers to get the better-for-you foods they want. The brand started with better-for-you pizza crusts, but over the last two years, the product line has expanded to tortillas and all-natural chicken tenders. The brand recently introduced riced cauliflower in three never-been-done flavors including Baja Style, packed with corn, black beans and red spices; Curried, with a subtle kick of turmeric and green herbs; and Sesame Citrus, featuring red pepper, edamame and onions.

CAULIPOWER is a true partner to restaurants.

The CAULIPOWER team believes two heads (of cauliflower) are better than one! They offer much more than a traditional vendor relationship by becoming true partners to their restaurant brands. For example, the team at CAULIPOWER helps with integrating a customized solution into an existing menu. They are also data driven and provide direct customer data and industry insights to help develop strategic goals, new product options and marketing assistance that drives traffic.

Better-for-you menu options are here to stay, and vegetables are becoming a center-of-the plate attraction at many restaurants across the globe. As a 2019 Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation brand and America’s #1 better-for-you pizza and #1 cauliflower crust pizza in retail, CAULIPOWER offers a brand name that is already known and loved by consumers.  Restaurants are taking notice and partnering with the brand to create smart solutions for their restaurants, leveraging CAULIPOWER’s brand recognition to drive sales.

Julie Lim is the Executive Vice President, Foodservice and Convenience for CAULIPOWER a hyper-growth disruptor to the food industry. She is a seasoned brand-builder with diverse experience developing high performance teams and launching channel strategies that get results, driving sales for various companies from emerging start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

Five Things You Need To Know About CAULIPOWER