Foodservice Training Portal Helps the CMAA Deploy COVID-19 Training to Clubs Nationwide

With Healthy Habits eStart™, CMAA’s 2,500 member clubs can access online training to help them quickly educate employees in infectious disease awareness

Foodservice Training Portal Helps the CMAA Deploy COVID-19 Training to Clubs NationwideRaleigh, NC  (  Foodservice Training Portal, a leading provider of online learning tools for the foodservice and hospitality industries, in partnership with the Club Managers Association of America, provided Healthy Habits eStart™ to the more than 2,500 country, golf, athletic, city, faculty, military, town, and yacht clubs that comprise CMAA’s membership nationwide.

Available to all members through CMAA University and to subscribers of the Club Resource Center, Healthy Habits eStart™ is infectious disease awareness training for foodservice and retail.  Using CDC and NIH recommendations and protocols to educate on proven methodologies, Healthy Habits eStart™ distills the facts on infectious disease and its possible transmission in the workplace (i.e. COVID-19, the flu and the common cold) into an easily digestible format for foodservice employees.

Responding to the immediate and pressing need for education in this content area, Foodservice Training Portal rallied its internal expertise in online learning to create an interactive course for foodservice, hospitality and retail employees that offers best practices, preventative strategies and tactical information.  For operators or organizations, like the CMAA, looking for best practices and re-opening tools, the restaurant COVID-19 training provided through Healthy Habits eStart™ allows employers to minimize employee and customer risk of infection and their own legal risks when it comes to the flu and COVID-19.

“Thanks to Healthy Habits eStart™, we have been able to equip our industry professionals with essential training to keep their staff and members safe. This course has been extremely helpful in the hospitality industry to relay critical information to prepare for, respond to, and prevent the spread of infectious disease,” stated Alexa Levendis, Manager of Club Resources, CMAA.

“There is a glut of information out there right now on the do’s and don’ts regarding viral illness and transmission. Our goal was to make it easy to share the most relevant information with foodservice and retail employees- the necessary details to stay safe and execute business.  Over the last six weeks, the course has been adopted by restaurants, school foodservice programs, universities, country clubs and other operators across the country, allowing them to establish a company standard for infectious disease awareness. Our team has already updated the course content twice in the last four weeks as new information is released and we will continue to ensure that the information is up-to-date over the life of Healthy Habits eStart™,” shared Eric Webster, Managing Director of Foodservice Training Portal.

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