Only 248 more varieties to go. Photo: Lew Robertson/Getty Images

In Lyon, a French chef has spent the better part of this year making pizza history. Benoit Bruel, of Déliss’ Pizza, has officially set the Guinness World Record for “Most Varieties of Cheese on a Pizza” with a visionary pie that contains 254 different varieties of cheese.

It is, as all triumphs are, the product of patience, diligence, and struggle. Bruel unofficially broke the existing record for varieties of cheese on a pizza way back in February, besting Australian chef Johnny Di Francesco’s heretofore record-holding 154-varietal pie, but Bruel still had to gather the “required evidence” of his achievement to present to the Guinness tribunal. Now, he has done it: His February pie has received the official recognition it deserves.

“Youhoooo,” he posted to the restaurant’s Instagram on Sunday.  “It took a while but that’s it, the Guiness Book validated my record last Thursday! It’s official !!! My certificate arrives this week as well as the list of cheeses.” (Translation courtesy of Google Translate.)

According to a dispatch from UPI, the pie in question in fact featured 257 cheeses — Bruel had added three more at the last minute to “round out the flavor profile” — but these impromptu additions are not included in the final tally, perhaps due to lack of required evidence.

While the final cheese list has not yet been released, a video of Bruel weighing out bits of fromage, published yesterday to the Guiness Facebook page, does offer some clues. Upon careful observation, we can conclude that the pizza features Tomme Artisanale Suisse de la Venoge aux truffes, Rocamadour, Manigodine, La Vieielle Louche, Quattrocento, raclette, Picolin, Comté 9 mois, an eight-month Comté 8, and Chaource, among several hundred others.

A look at the finished pie. Photo: Guinness World Records

Bruel’s cheese-forward achievement now sits alongside other pizza feats, including the longest pizza, the largest pizza, and the largest human image of a pizza. But for the chef, his accomplishment is nothing less than a matter of national importance. As UPI reports, he told Guinness officials “he thought it was important that the record be held by France, which is known for its cheeses.”