Happy Joe's Successfully Launches New COVID-19 Franchising Initiative!

Happy Joe's Successfully Launches New COVID-19 Franchising Initiative!(RestaurantNews.com)  Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream parlors has launched their new Covid-19 franchising initiative with the first franchise being sold in Urbandale, Iowa. Jeff and Susan Reid, residents of Des Moines, and longtime fans of the Happy Joe’s brand, have had interest in becoming franchisees for quite some time. Both Mr. and Mrs. Reid, are business professionals with extensive experience in, Management, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Training, and Consulting.

Mr. Reid stated: “The new Covid-19 franchising initiative came at the perfect time for my family. Happy Joe’s is an iconic brand, with a wonderful story and fantastic products. It also started right here in Iowa. For years we have wanted to see the brand have more presence in the Des Moines area, and now we are going to help make that happen! We’ve started with our Urbandale location to learn the business, and we are working with the Happy Joe’s Support Center team, on perfecting our processes. Our plan is to open two to three additional stores within the next few years. We couldn’t be more excited!”

The Happy Joe’s new Covid-19 franchising initiative offers existing franchisees of other brands a profitable conversion opportunity, and a proven, successful brand to new, potential franchisees that creates a huge opportunity for long-term financial growth.

  1. The Initial Franchisee Fee is waived for this franchising initiative
  2. The Royalty is reduced to 2% during the first twelve months of operation
  3. The Royalty is reduced to 4% during the second twelve months of operation
  4. Full Royalty does not kick in until the 25th month of operation

These cumulative savings will contribute significantly towards the conversion cost of a Happy Joe’s, or reduce the start-up cost of a new Happy Joe’s much less.

Tom Sacco, the new Chief Happiness Officer, CEO, and President at Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream Parlors has made expanding the brand his top priority. “We have a fantastic concept that makes money in good times and has excelled during the Covid times. This is Happy Joe’s contribution to the stimulus package that America needs. We truly believe that our brand, and what Happy Joe’s stands for, is what’s needed in our country right now to jump start small businesses.”

Happy Joe’s restaurants are all about family, community, and happiness. What community wouldn’t want pizza, ice cream, birthday parties and a family friendly environment where you can gather and celebrate just about anything. The great thing about pizza is it’s a shared food that’s almost always associated with a good time. The great thing about “our” pizza is it has been, and continues to be one of the best pizzas you’ll ever taste!

So, whether you’re enjoying our broad menu offerings in our restaurant, or taking advantage of our convenient takeout, curbside, or delivery services, Happy Joe’s is a brand that can become part of your family. We not only want to be there to provide our guests with fantastic service and phenomenal products, like our famous Taco Joe pizza, BLT pizza, or Happy Joe Special (Canadian bacon and sauerkraut), but we want to help our franchise owners create personal wealth, along with the best and most treasured memories with family, friends, coworkers and their community.

Happy Joe’s new Covid-19 franchising initiative is designed to allow more people the opportunity to become a franchise owner, and to be part of our growth plan that has focused on creating happy family memories and supporting our family of franchisees for 48 years.

Existing Happy Joe’s franchisees are also taking advantage of the new franchising incentives and are planning to open new locations. Here are what’s happening in the next 60 days:

  • John Lehmann, Happy Joe’s franchisee in Dyersville, Iowa, has just signed on to open a new store in Cascade, Iowa, in partnership with his son
  • Satish Pardeshi, our franchisee in St. Louis, Missouri, shared: “I love the Happy Joe’s brand and so do my guests. It’s amazing how far people will drive to come and get our pizza. I’ve been wanting to grow the brand here for a while. Mr. Sacco has provided me with an incentive now to open in St. Peters, Missouri. I could not be happier!”

The Happy Joe’s company was founded in 1972 by Happy Joe Whitty. The “Hidden Pizza Jewel” of the Midwest is ready to spread its wings and open more “Happy Places” across our country. Happy Joe’s is known best for its specialty pizzas, especially the signature Taco Joe Pizza. Happy Joe’s was the first company ever to invent and sell the Taco Pizza back in the early ’80s.

Happy Joe’s best-selling pizzas have created an almost cult-like following, so much so that we ship our pizzas around the US daily to our Happy Joe’s fans everywhere. Happy Joe’s menu also offers oven baked pastas themed with Happy Joe’s most popular pizza recipes, or a Create Your Own version, as well as, chicken wings, sandwiches, salads, hand-dipped ice cream, dessert pizzas, and a successful, growing breakfast line that is very popular with guests and businesses.

The Happy Joe’s business model offers full-size locations, which include our Family Fun Center filled with profitable games of skill for kids to play and earn tickets for prizes, as well as, our DELCO (Delivery, Carry-Out Only) and Express units.

Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream Parlors are expanding across all 50 states, into Canada, Puerto Rico, and Internationally. There are no communities anywhere in the world that wouldn’t want to create successful, sustainable “Happy Places, Smiling Faces, and Monetary Graces.”

For more information about Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream Parlors, and our Covid-19 franchising opportunities contact the Happy Joe’s Support Center at:  563–332–8811 or Email: tomsacco@drhnow.com, www.happyjoes.com.

Kristel Whitty-Ersan, VP of Marketing