It’s the restaurant receipt that’s gone viral and left people around the world ‘filling’ good.

The docket is from a venue called ‘Shree Chaats Mithai and Namkeen’ located in Chennai, India.

It looks like a standard receipt until you read the disclaimer at the end.

The order was a combination of samosa, mixed chaat, and Dahi Bhel Puri which came to a total of around (AUD) $7.

There were no complaints at the time about the dollar value on the receipt. The surprise was the statement written at the bottom that said, “Never hurt a Samosa by saying no… they too have fillings inside!”.

Viral receipt
Viral receipt Credit: Reddit

The feel-good moment has delighted Reddit readers, one saying, “They are stuffed with feelings while making.”

Others were shocked at the price writing, “Never hurt a samosa? But it can hurt me with its price? Unfair!”

One thing’s for sure, after a tough year it has left all of us ‘filling’ good.