It’s no secret that loyal customers drive more business at a lower cost than first-time guests. But how can you create restaurant regulars in this competitive market? Consider the five points below when cultivating a world class experience for your customer. Think about how you can implement each of these creatively, and don’t be afraid to try something new. Consider the ROI of your efforts, and continually update them to provide the most return for the bottom line. 

Provide a Consistent Experience

From the second a customer walks in, there should be a consistent greeting that makes them feel welcome. Excellent service should be standard, and each time a customer dines should make them feel identical to the last.

Build Relationships with Existing Clients

Your employees should know each of your regulars by first name and greet them as such. Consider discount opportunities for your most loyal customers. Make sure your restaurant POS system is equipped with a rewards system to elicit these types of discounts.

Seek Client Feedback

At the end of a transaction, think about adding a quick one or two question survey that customers can fill out. By understanding trends in the feedback, and making constant improvements, you’ll be able to serve your loyal customer base efficiently.

Take Social Responsibility

Source products that are organic, or from local farms. Employ local talent to play live music once a week. Every step of the way, from live entertainment to small plates, show that you care about the community at large. 

Treat Your Employees Well

When employees are happy, they tend to provide better service. Think about ways to reward your employees for their hard work. Whether that be a free cocktail at the end of a shift or discounts on food items.

Use the infographic below for more tips to drive loyal customers, courtesy of Fundera.