HX Brands Serves up New Venture, Dragon Alley, in MidCity District

HX Brands Serves up New Venture, Dragon Alley, in MidCity District

Local Culinary Entrepreneurs Debut Asian Street Food Bar and Restaurant Experience Front and Center at MidCity

Huntsville, AL  (RestaurantNews.comMidCity District is thrilled to announce the arrival of Dragon Alley, the latest venture from the beloved local culinary innovators, HX Brands, adding to the district’s vibrant array of new-to-market retail, dining and entertainment options. Guests of the future Asian street food bar and restaurant can look forward to a diverse selection of eclectic Asian street food favorites, along with boldly flavored shareable plates, delicious drinks and a lively atmosphere.

Jim Xue and Yunus Hasan, acclaimed local entrepreneurs behind beloved Huntsville hotspots like Chop N Fresh, Kamado Ramen, Tous les Jours, Oh Crepe, Kung Fu Tea and I Love Sushi, will own and operate the upcoming Huntsville Dragon Alley location. This exciting addition marks another milestone for HX Brands as they continue to grow their culinary footprint.

“As avid foodies, we felt compelled to introduce Huntsville to culinary concepts typically reserved for larger cities,” said Hasan, co-founder of HX Brands. “Our latest concept, Dragon Alley, promises to bring vibrant flavors and energy straight to our district’s dining experience, cooking up something fresh and unique that everyone can enjoy at an affordable price point.”

Dragon Alley’s culinary team, led by the highly experienced chef Chao Fang, ensures the delivery of top-notch Asian cuisine. Beyond exceptional dining, Dragon Alley aims to transport customers to 1990s Hong Kong with its colorful ambiance, characterized by neon lights, colorful artwork, artisanal wooden tables and unique accent pieces.

HX Brands Serves up New Venture, Dragon Alley, in MidCity District

Outdoor dining and a stage for local performers will round out the enviable dining experience.

Dragon Alley will be located at 1030 Mid City Dr, Huntsville, AL 35806, replacing the national gourmet burger chain, Wahlburgers. Alongside the debut of Dragon Alley, MidCity District is eager to maintain its commitment to elevating local businesses and introducing novel dining experiences to satisfy the hunger of Huntsville’s residents, with other unique concepts in development.

“The mission and heartbeat of MidCity is to discover, introduce and celebrate all of the creativity and talent our city has to offer,” said Max Grelier, co-founder of RCP Companies and developer of MidCity District. “In order for Huntsville to compete with larger markets for workforce, we need to elevate our food scene as well. At MidCity, we are actively engaged in discussions with talented chefs from surrounding markets, aiming for Huntsville to be known as a city that over-indexes on culinary experiences for its size.”

The community is encouraged to follow @midcitydistrict on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on the latest news and announcements related to the opening of Dragon Alley. For more information about the MidCity District and its other new-to-market retail, dining and entertainment options, visit MidCityDistrict.com.

HX Brands Serves up New Venture, Dragon Alley, in MidCity District

About MidCity District

MidCity District is a nationally acclaimed mixed-use district located in the heart of Huntsville’s Tennessee Valley, a high-tech employment center at the epicenter of the 13-County regional trade area with more than a 1.1 million population. Private investment at MidCity District is estimated to exceed $1 Billion. Once complete, the development will include 350,000 square feet of retail, dining and entertainment space; approximately 400,000 square feet of high-tech office space; 2,000 residential units; and approximately 650 hotel rooms. Building on the reputation of the City, it will create a new destination designed to be a social and economic focal point for the diverse and dynamic community, as well as a tool for recruitment and retainment of the burgeoning workforce. More information available at MidCityDistrict.com.

About HX Brands

Founded in 2016, HX Brands is a local food, beverage and hospitality group focused on bringing attention to the culinary, cocktail, wine and hospitality offerings of Huntsville, Alabama. HX Brands supports other local restaurant groups, food bloggers and the non-profit HATCH workforce training program. You can find more info on the group at HXbrands.com.

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