Restaurants around the world are finding creative ways to enforce social distancing as they welcome back customers after coronavirus lockdowns.

But even as countries lift the strict measures implemented to slow the spread of COVID-19, there are still guidelines in place to prevent a second wave of the virus outbreak.

From protective shields and individual greenhouses to placing some customers in rubber tubes, here’s a look at how restaurants are adapting to those new social distancing guidelines.

In Paris, the H.A.N.D restaurant uses individual shields that look a little bit like the lampshades while the Mediamatic ETEN restaurant in Amsterdam installed little greenhouses around each table to shield customers from each other.

Restaurant staff at the Mediamatic ETEN also wear masks or plastic shields and serve food on long planks in order to distance themselves from customers.

The Fish Tales Bar & Grill restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland tried to make social distancing a memorable experience by providing their customers with giant mobile rubber-rings.

A number of restaurants and cafes in different countries have been using mannequins to replace diners in their establishments. Mannequins are used to demonstrate new seating arrangements and to help ensure that customers don’t sit where they’re not supposed to.

People in Bangkok meanwhile have been eating behind plastic dividers to maintain social distancing.