Innovative Indian Street Food Restaurant, Masti, Announces Franchise Launch

Masti offers franchise package for fun, Indian food franchise.

Innovative Indian Street Food Restaurant, Masti, Announces Franchise LaunchAtlanta, GA  (RestaurantNews.comMasti, a wildly popular Atlanta-based Indian street food restaurant, has just announced its franchise launch for 2021.

Currently operating in Toco Hills in Atlanta and Johns Creek in Duluth, Masti’s founders are seeking to expand nationally throughout 2021, taking the fun to every state in the nation. “Masti opened in 2015 with a very different menu than anyone had ever seen,” stated Ricky Walia, co-founder of Masti. “We wanted to kill the stereotype of typical Indian food. At Masti, our guests are getting authentic Indian street food unlike anything they’ve ever tasted.”

Masti is a unique concept in the franchise marketplace, radiating a youthful vibe, vibrant colors, high energy, and great flavors throughout every square foot. The cutting-edge menu is laden with cuisine inspired by the founders’ world travels and upbringing. The two are also cousins. “We’ve got a foundational experience from our upbringing that we bring to the table,” stated Robby Gulri, Masti’s co-founder.  “We’re both bilingual. We’ve traveled the world. We’ve grown up within both the American and Indian cultures. What we’ve created in our menu is based on our influences and it’s what makes us better than many other concepts out there.”

The company is set up for franchise expansion not only because of the unique, above-standard cuisine, but because of its foundational technology. “My experience is in tech and back office operations,” stated Gulri. “A successful model is not just great food — it’s hard work, technology, strong operational processes, POS integration, mobile platforms for delivery, and much more. Whether you’re running a restaurant or a large corporation, all of this integration with technology and experience is imperative.”

Franchisees can opt for a quick service restaurant concept or a full-service establishment. The Masti franchise opportunity gives franchisees a chance to own and operate their own Indian street food franchise backed by the ongoing support of Walia and Gulri and their team. “This is a uniform package for people who may lack some of these tech skills,” stated Gulri.  “We will be there for our franchisees 100% of the time, with a mission to help make their location as successful as our first two.”

About Masti

Masti is an innovative, Indian street food concept. The company offers a menu that caters to a variety of palates, including Keto-friendly dishes, vegetarian items, and gluten or dairy free choices. Visit the Masti website to learn more about the brand at To learn more about how to become a Masti franchise partner, visit now!