Introducing, The Virtual Restaurant Association

Miami, FL  (  The announcement of The Virtual Restaurant Association, or VRA – the United States first Non-Profit with the purpose of qualifying Virtual Restaurant Companies to protect Consumer, Driver & Restaurants – Health, Safety & Profits.

The Virtual Restaurant Association will focus on providing Free Memberships to Virtual Restaurant Companies that have displayed a focus on:

  • Health & Safety
  • Brand Integrity
  • Intellectual Property
  • Restaurant Profitability

Virtual restaurants have been a lifeline for many restaurant owners who had to shut down physical locations or limit dining to curbside and take-out only during the pandemic. However, the number of unsafe and copy-cat brands has flooded the market with consumer doubt and unhealthy sanitation practices.

The Florida Non-Profit will consistently review new and existing Virtual Restaurant companies and provide free memberships based on pre-determined criteria. Over the coming months The Virtual Restaurant Association will elect and announce its board members and begin taking applications from potential member companies and restaurant groups.

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