A chef in the UK, Tom Kerridge, has launched a scathing rant at customers after a restaurant disaster.

The 46-year-old was not impressed with customers who made bookings for his London Restaurant Kerridge’s Bar and Grill and did not turn up.

The Michelin-starred chef criticised the whopping 27 customers that no-showed his restaurant and warned they were putting jobs at risk during the coronavirus crisis.

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“To the 27 people that booked @kerridgesbandg and then failed to turn up on a Saturday night – This industry, like many others is on the verge of collapse,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Your behaviour is disgraceful, shortsighted and down right unhelpful. All of you ‘no shows’ in all restaurants up and down the country are adding to the issues already being faced.”

Mr Kerridge added that no-shows are “putting peoples jobs more at risk”.

“We put staff levels to the number of covers booked and when you fail to turn up, it now costs us, which in turn will force very uncomfortable and hard decisions about staffing levels,” he wrote.

“You are the worst kind of guest, and that is ‘selfish’. I hope you have good look at yourselves.”

Fellow chef Clare Smyth agreed as she wrote in the comments: “Well said Tom. We need to educate people now more than ever. Our industry needs to come into line with others. Staff don’t work for free because the guests don’t turn up. Ingredients are prepared and wasted. It is incredibly disrespectful.”

Another chef Jason Atherton posted: “this is not okay … why does our industry get treated like this when a single phone call when you change your mind sorts all of this out. YOU should be ashamed of yourself and we should have protection against this.”

Fashion model Jodie Kidd said: “Absolutely shocking !!!!! Disgusting behaviour.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been republished with permission