A Melbourne man says he was refused a restaurant booking because the war veteran’s wheelchair was considered too big for the venue.

Joel Sardi shared his story on social media, saying he had “never been more offended or upset” by the Ginger Garlic staff member’s response when he informed them he required a wheelchair.

“I went to book for five people at a restaurant in Eltham … when I called up they accepted the booking for five people but then I told them I was in a wheelchair, they said ‘I’m sorry we can’t accept your booking based on the fact you’re in a wheelchair,'” he said.

Joel Sardi said the restaurant had discriminated against him for having a disability. (Nine)
The restaurant owners and staff have not commented on Mr Sardi’s experience. (Nine)

Mr Sardi said the staff member he spoke to told him “we need the money and your wheelchair will take up too much space”.

The Afghanistan war veteran went to the restaurant and spoke to the boss, who reiterated they could not fit Mr Sardi in the venue – while he was in the restaurant itself.

“I looked around the restaurant and there were numerous tables I could have sat at on that night.”

“It’s 2021, it’s Melbourne, we have human rights for this reason so people don’t get discriminated against.

Joel Sardi had a dinner booking rejected by Ginger Garlic in Eltham because his ‘wheelchair would take up too much space’. (Nine)
Mr Sardi is a war veteran. (Nine)

“I have never been more offended or upset based on the fact I was discriminated against because of my disability.

“A pretty low night for me.”

The restaurant has been contacted for comment.