New Straw Hat Pizza To Be Located in San Lorenzo, CA

New Straw Hat Pizza To Be Located in San Lorenzo, CADublin, CA  (  Straw Hat Restaurants is pleased to announce Naresh Nayyar has signed a lease and franchise agreement to open a new location in San Lorenzo, CA.  It will be located at the site of a former Pizza Hut.    

Mr. Nayyar was previously a partner in another Straw Hat Pizza location and is an excellent operator.  The Straw Hat Pizza in San Lorenzo will be a delivery and take out location with a smaller footprint than most of the chains locations.  Updates to the building have been ongoing and the restaurant is expected to open in September of this year. 

Founded in 1959 and celebrating its 62nd year in business, Straw Hat Pizza is the originator of “Genuine California Pizza,” comprised of numerous locations in California and is poised for rapid growth.  This will be the third new location in 2021.

Straw Hat Pizza is owned and franchised by Straw Hat Restaurants Inc. Straw Hat Restaurants, Inc. oversees the Straw Hat Pizza and Straw Hat Pizza Grille concepts in the United States.

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