Bodega versus bag. Photo: Shawn Hoke/Flickr

The plastic-bag ban will not go unchallenged. Lawyers representing 14,000 store owners are asking an New York judge to the delay the state ban on thin plastic bags through a temporary restraining order. The New York Post reports that the group plans to sue the state, claiming that it did not reach out to the largely minority-owned businesses when the ban was being discussed. It’s also expected that the lawsuit will argue that the Department of Environmental Conservation doesn’t have power to make laws.

The plaintiffs include the Bodega & Small Business Association, Long Island plastic-bag company Poly-Pak, and individual operators like Green Earth Grocery owner Francisco Marte, who predicts that the ban will “be chaos.” He adds that the groups aren’t simply reactionaries who want to hold on to a plastic-bag world, and that do they favor reusable bags — they just want consumers and businesses to be educated.

Look, Grub is obviously in favor of a plastic-bag ban, but also agrees that bodega owners should feel that the state has adequately consulted them. But instead of a lawsuit, why not start selling bodega-branded tote bags? Think about it. The Harlem Taste Hajji’s tote could easily be the hottest accessory of 2020.