A Sydney woman has been left “embarrassed and offended” after she says she was kicked out of North Bondi Fish restaurant over her outfit.

Martina Corradi said she and her boyfriend sat down to dine at North Bondi restaurant on Thursday when they were told to leave.

Her outfit consisted of high-waisted white pants, heels and a grey bralette.

Following the ordeal, Corradi took to the Bondi Local Loop Facebook page to ask people’s opinions about what she was wearing.

“I just want an opinion from outside,” Corradi said in her post.

“Even because I felt very embarrassed and offended at the same time!!”

The outfit that Martina Corradi wore to North Bondi Fish.
The outfit that Martina Corradi wore to North Bondi Fish. Credit: Martina Corradi/Facebook

Corradi explained after signing in at the restaurant and taking their seats on the terrace, the couple were approached by a waitress.

“The waitress as soon as I took a sit she said that I’m not well dressed and this is not acceptable to stay in a place like that!,” she claims. “(I mean a fish and chips, in front of the beach).

“Me and my boyfriend we looked at her and we didn’t know what to say.

“We were shocked!

“She call the manager And she asked him to tell me that this is not how I should dress to go to a restaurant, front of everyone!!”

‘Maybe I’m crazy’

Corradi noted she was dressed in long pants and heels because the pair ate at Bondi Icebergs – a fine dining restaurant – for lunch.

“I just want an opinion,” she wrote.

“I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy.”

Corradi’s post was met with support, with locals perplexed at the restaurant’s decision to ask her to leave.

“You definitely have not crossed any inappropriate boundaries,” one person said.

A view of North Bondi Fish.
A view of North Bondi Fish. Credit: Google Maps

“Plus of course, you look gorgeous. Too bad you had to deal with such an unnecessary conflict.”

Another local even joked Corradi was overdressed for Bondi, but others didn’t agree.

“I don t agree with their choice. But that top does look like lingerie,” one person said.

7NEWS.com.au has contacted North Bondi Fish for comment.