Orda Announces Partnership with DoorDash Drive to Bring Relief To Local Restaurants

Orda Announces Partnership with DoorDash Drive to Bring Relief To Local Restaurants(RestaurantNews.com)  Today New York-based digital ordering platform Orda announced their partnership with DoorDash Drive, DoorDash’s white label fulfillment platform. Thanks to the partnership, local brands like restaurants, cloud kitchens, coffee shops, juice stores, and retailers can now stay competitive with commission-free delivery mobile apps.

Orda’s partnership with DoorDash Drive allows local brands to unlock convenient, cost-effective delivery while taking digital orders with a branded platform. Deliveries are fulfilled by DoorDash Drive. The end-to-end experience is seamless and easy to set up, so participating businesses don’t need to worry about logistics like scheduling drivers or paying for transportation costs.

To understand why this partnership is important, Roy Ganor, founder of Orda explains “Since 86% of consumers prefer to order directly from their favorite local brands, it has become a necessity to have a branded mobile app. With the new DoorDash partnership, local businesses can now reach more customers at home.”

Businesses can easily create their branded mobile delivery app with Orda to scale their business and better serve customers. To join the platform, businesses can register at https://getorda.com/doordash.

For additional information, please see https://getorda.com/blog/posts/doordash-orda-partners-ace-delivery.

Media Contact:
Christine Davis