“I remember she was wearing something tight”, Audish said, adding that it was four or five years ago, and “no one remembers these things”.

Ms Nightingale said the evidence against Audish meant he had to keep making up new false stories.

“It’s a bit like one of those horrible sale ads: but wait, there’s more,” she said.

Ricardo Audish outside the Downing Centre courts earlier this month.

Ricardo Audish outside the Downing Centre courts earlier this month. Credit:Rhett Wyman

The court heard that, prior to the sexual assault, the woman had consensual sex with her boyfriend, one of the teenagers, in the toilet of the pizzeria. She was then given two bongs to smoke, which she expected to contain cannabis.


The woman told the court that, before she was given the bongs, her boyfriend had told her “the other boys want to have sex with you now”, to which she responded, “Hell no.”

The woman, who had smoked cannabis before and said it made her feel “calm”, said the substance given to her on the night of the assault made her feel dizzy and fall in and out of consciousness, during which time Audish and the three young men “took turns” to have sex with her.

After the assault, a member of the public found the disorientated woman struggling to walk and speak, and called an ambulance.

A paramedic told the court she was “almost hugging” a pole to hold herself upright when he arrived, and after speaking to her he thought her state was consistent with having her “drink or drug spiked”.

Audish’s barrister, Eugene Wasilenia, said the woman could have just been “tired” after having consensual sex with four people, and said there was no evidence that the woman smoked anything but cannabis.

Ms Nightingale said the young woman was “a credible and reliable witness” and that her account of what happened was supported by “a mountain of evidence”.

Audish, who initially did not react as the verdict was handed down, began shouting from the dock after his wife broke down into sobs. “They know the truth”, he told her. “They know the history”.

During the trial, Audish had suggested the police had worked with the victim to fabricate the entire case.

Mr Wasilenia had to tell him to be quiet, before arguing his case for bail on the basis that Audish has a heart condition that requires surgery and he “is likely to be deceased” before his sentence starts if he isn’t treated.

Judge David Arnott SC refused bail ahead of a review on Friday morning.

After the court adjourned, Audish began swearing and slammed the bench in front of him, saying “f— the law, f— everyone here man.”

His sobbing wife shouted at Ms Nightingale “you will never be happy in your life” as Audish directed his ire at a female detective, saying “you f—ed my life” with this “bullshit case”.

“It’s all bullshit, whatever she said is f—ing bullshit,” he said, calling his victim “a prostitute”.

“If I make a movie from this story it’s gonna be the biggest movie in the world”.

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