There aren’t many Airbus A340s left in the world. The four-engine jet saw its heydey in the ’90s and 2000s and is now on its way out as airlines switch to cheaper-to-run twin-engines.

While some carriers still have a couple of A340s in their fleet (think: Air Madagascar, Edelweiss Air) the jet is now being seen more in reconstructed form than airborne. Enter: one of Turkey’s largest restaurants, which also happens to be inside a retired Airbus A340.

China Global Television Network (CGTN) recently reported that the converted Balikesir restaurant is currently on sale for US $1.4 million.


The aircraft, a wide body iteration of the A340, had belonged to Turkish Airlines, and had been broken into eight pieces after being retired four years ago.

Simple Flying reports, “The segments were then transported to Burhaniye district, the northwestern province of Balikesir, Turkey [where] the old Airbus reincarnated into a lush restaurant.”

Initial reports suggest the Turkish businessman that had put in US $1.5 million to convert the aircraft into the restaurant is now facing health problems and, as such, has put it up for sale.

As Simple Flying reports, the Airbus restaurant, named Burhaniye Uçak Restorant, “is located in a relatively spacious area lined with shrubs forming pathways [and features] a conveniently located parking lot in the adjacent region, allowing visitors easy access.”

“An Airbus A340 has a seating capacity of 270-354 depending on the model, but for this restaurant, it seats a decent 280.”

The restaurant has hosted various ceremonies (from weddings to special occasion dinners) and, in many ways, has become a symbol of the Balikesir region.

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