Rizepoint: Navigating Our "New Normal" With New Protocols, Tracking, Auditing, Checklists, Etc.

Rizepoint: Navigating Our "New Normal" With New Protocols, Tracking, Auditing, Checklists, Etc.COVID-19 has disrupted the way we do business.  For the food service, hospitality and retail industries, coronavirus has changed safety and cleanliness protocols for the long-term.  Grocery stores and convenience stores are overwhelmed by crowds of people buying supplies and manufactures are racing to keep up with demand, as restaurants, hotels and casinos are reeling in this unprecedented environment.

As we navigate this “new normal,” RizePoint, an industry leader in in the food safety/quality/technology/social responsibility space, is a valuable resource that knows businesses must:

  • Reassure employees and customers about the safety and cleanliness of their venues.
  • Train staff on the new, elevated safety precautions implemented due to coronavirus.
  • Audit and track activities to ensure compliance.
  • Aggregate audit data across all locations and business operations.
  • Be transparent about their actions to boost employee and customer confidence.

RizePoint helps companies adjust to these new protocols, with innovative software solutions so they can:

  • Ensure their entire team knows the appropriate COVID-19 protocols (e.g., what cleaning and sanitization chemicals help combat coronavirus, how to properly clean high touchpoint areas, etc.).
  • Track protocol compliance, across multiple units, teams, and shifts.
  • Understand every detail of the “new protocols” – how to apply the chemicals, how long they should sit before wiping off, etc.
  • Maintain a safety checklist outlining what should be regularly cleaned/sanitized (e.g., personal devices, light switches, credit card swipers, etc.)
  • Stay educated and keep audit forms up to date on COVID-19 safety recommendations from leading health organizations (CDC, WHO, NIH). RizePoint distills essential information and provides talking points so managers can share current updates in this fast-changing environment.

RizePoint is offering complimentary access to COVID-19-related forms, reports, and auditing tools to all food, hospitality and retail organizations, including:

  • Access to mobile auditor for COVID-19 response, with no limit to the number of users, audits or locations.
  • Forms and virus feedback reports unique to coronavirus.
  • Information on cleaning, sanitization, safety and training protocols, as they relate to this pandemic.
  • A RizePoint COVID-19 Resource Center, where information is regularly updated.

RizePoint’s free resources are available at https://rizepoint.com/mobile-auditor-covid-19-free-use/.

This isn’t just a temporary two-week inconvenience – this is our new normal.  As businesses adapt, RizePoint serves as a partner to help companies remain resilient, strong, and safe.

Rizepoint: Navigating Our "New Normal" With New Protocols, Tracking, Auditing, Checklists, Etc.

RizePoint, headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT, offers a quality management software solution that helps companies keep brand promises through their quality, safety, and compliance efforts. Customers gather better data, see necessary actions earlier, and act faster to correct issues before they become costly liabilities. The company serves the food, hospitality, and retail industries with a robust mobile auditing tool and a cloud-based platform that automates quality management systems and supplier quality management programs. RizePoint works with the most prestigious brands in the world, including Starbucks, McDonald’s, L Brands, and Marriott, supporting them on a variety of safety and compliance activities.