From the ashes of the Parramatta Park cafe torched by an arsonist in 2016, the rebirthed site finally opens its doors on Tuesday, October 4. And Misc. is one of the smartest on-trend venues of 2022.

“We’re a restaurant that serves breakfast,” says Misc. owner Jad Nehmetallah, who beat out “40 to 50 applicants” to win the tender for the glam riverside shed.

Parramatta has secured some prized food signings in recent years, with Icebergs’ Maurice Terzini and Nour’s Ibby Moubadder opening CicciaBella and Lilymu in postcode 2150, and while Nehmetallah is best known for his role on TV’s Gogglebox, he has some hospo chops as a former owner of The Picnic at Burwood.

'Western Sydney has been waiting for a spot to proudly call their own,' says owner Jad Nehmetallah.
‘Western Sydney has been waiting for a spot to proudly call their own,’ says owner Jad Nehmetallah. Photo: Parker Blain

Nehmetallah grew up in the inner west, but wanted the 300-seat Misc. to reflect all of Sydney. So he swept the city for inspiration.

“Jad used to hang at the pass at Fish Shop [in Bondi], asking questions,” says former Pier chef Joel Bennetts, who worked on the Misc. menu with its executive chef, Sebastien Geray.

“We wanted pay homage to Jad’s background, so the beef tartare has a Middle Eastern spice through it, but we didn’t want to be pigeon-holed to a cuisine.”

Banoffee is on the wide-ranging menu.
Banoffee is on the wide-ranging menu. Photo: Parker Blain

There’s even a South American arepa on the breakfast line-up. “Yes, there isn’t a menu in Sydney that doesn’t have something [from that part of the world] on it,” Bennetts says.

“We’ve labelled the menu A Bit of This, A Bit of That, A Bit More and A Bit Sweet,” Nehmetallah explains.

A Bit of This might be smoked labneh, A Bit of That kingfish crudo, A Bit More barramundi with salsa verde or half a chook with sumac onions, and A Bit Sweet an affogato sandwich.

There’s even A Bit on the Side (eggplant with piquillo, coriander and garlic).

Nehmetallah can’t believe his luck landing a prized site, which is elevated by designer Nic Graham’s interior.

“Western Sydney has been waiting for a spot to proudly call their own; something you would find in the eastern suburbs or even internationally,” the restaurateur adds.

Misc. owner Jad Nehmetallah (left) and executive chef Sebastien Geray.
Misc. owner Jad Nehmetallah (left) and executive chef Sebastien Geray. Photo: Parker Blain

“We’re sophisticated, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. The focus is on the food and what it means to different people. It’s in my blood to bring people together; to create family, fun and full stomachs. Now I’m doing it on a larger scale.”

Open daily 8am-4pm (dinners from November).

Parramatta Park,