Subway Restaurants to Add 50,000 Jobs in Communities Across North America

During a time of record unemployment, Subway opens thousands of positions with employee safety top-of-mind

Subway Restaurants to Add 50,000 Jobs in Communities Across North AmericaMilford, CT  (  With record unemployment levels across the country, Subway® Restaurants announced its local Franchise Owners seek to hire approximately 50,000 jobs in North American restaurants. This effort further deepens the brand’s community connections as Subway can be found in almost every community across the U.S. and Canada, and directly addresses some of the devastating effects of the COVID-19 crisis.

Subway recognizes the importance of supporting its communities and providing safe, reliable job opportunities to those seeking employment – now more than ever. Starting this summer at participating North America restaurants, thousands of job opportunities will be available ranging from entry-level to management.

“As our business continues to see a growing demand for our value offerings, curbside pick-up and delivery, we are happy to support such a large-scale employment opportunity to meet the demands of our guests,” said Aidan Hay, Subway VP of Operations for North America. “We’ve been fortunate that a majority of Subway restaurants remained open the past few months and are so appreciative to the Franchise Owners and their employees who have made that possible. For existing and new employees, it is important to us that each one feel valued and safe when working in our restaurants.”

Subway continues to roll out appropriate safety procedures that protect restaurant employees and guests alike. Over the past several months, Subway has been a leader in enhancing its operational procedures to keep restaurants safe and clean. Measures such as closing its dining rooms, working with third-party delivery partners to ensure contactless delivery, providing over one million masks for restaurant employees, requiring appropriate social distancing guidelines in restaurants among employees and guests, increasing food safety procedures and providing its Franchise Owners with guidelines for employee wellness checks have allowed Subway to keep its restaurants running safely. As the brand moves forward with new employment opportunities, safety will remain its top priority.

Anyone interested in working at Subway should visit to learn more or visit their local Subway restaurant.

Subway Restaurants to Add 50,000 Jobs in Communities Across North America

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