A sleepy cleaner has been caught napping on the job inside a restaurant in Sydney’s CBD – but even more shocking than his behaviour is the response from the burger chain’s boss.

Christian Avant, one of the owners of American-themed burger restaurant, Milky Lane, shared a photo to Instagram of an employee having a snooze on a seat.

“Found this on the CCTV at one of the sites but to be honest, who hasn’t needed a nap at Milky Lane before,” Mr Avant joked.

“As long as the job’s done, we’re all for a cheeky siesta – life’s tiring at the best of times.”

The restaurant shared a photo of one of its cleaners rolled up like a burrito. Source: Milky Lane

He told Yahoo News Australia the worker had cleaned two other locations prior to arriving at the Kings Cross store in Sydney about 3am.

“One of my managers there sent me the message and was a bit concerned, I asked if the venue was clean [and] he said ‘yes’,” Mr Avant said.

“So I said let him have power naps then, everyone gets tired. We’re pretty cruisy guys, as long as he gets the jobs done.”

Mr Avant said he “couldn’t stop laughing at how cosy and rolled up” he looked.

His laid-back approach has been applauded by masses of fans on Instagram and Facebook, with many praising him for seeing the humour in the situation.

“You guys are amazing for laughing this off and being understanding of this. Some people are doing it so tough at the moment. So both a hilarious and wholesome post,” an Instagram user wrote in a comment.

Hundreds of fans praised the restaurants reaction to the worker sleeping on the job. Source: Facebook/Milky Lane

“Good on you Milky Lane, some of these people work two or three jobs to support their families,” another person said.

Mr Avant said he briefed the team prior to posting the photo to make sure everyone was OK with it, but didn’t confront the sleeper because “he would be mortified”.

“There wasn’t even one part of us that thought to fire him or issue a warning. We pay them to do a job. And it was done. So if you gotta curl up for a power nap, that’s totally cool,” he said.

“We joked about leaving out blankets for them last night.”


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