Illustration: by Naomi Otsu

When Lucie Franc de Ferriere was looking for a place to open her first bakery, From Lucie, she gravitated to the East Village, motivated in part by nostalgia. She used to live in the neighborhood and always loved its small scale. Pre-pandemic, the area was starting to feel a bit like Murray Hill South, but as the CVS outposts and Chase banks have receded, it has become, in the words of Foul Witch co-owner Brandon Hoy, “affordable for weirdos again.” And over the past year, the lettered avenues have become home to an ice-cream shop that turns into a tapas bar in time for happy hour, a showcase for all-day-every-day brunch, and a destination for Burmese noodles and shrimp curry. “This cycle happens a lot in New York neighborhoods,” says Hoy, who opened Foul Witch with his business partner, Carlo Mirarchi, at the end of January. “It got cool, right?”

At last count, no fewer than 13 attention-grabbing food shops, restaurants, and bars have opened since the debut of Thirteen Water last March. (Not to mention Virginia’s, which just relocated off Avenue B.) Here’s a map to guide you through the newest arrivals.

263 E. 10th St., nr. Ave. A;

The bakery’s flower-topped cakes are this spring’s must-post Instagram sensation, and yes, the lines can be predictably bonkers.

437 E. 12th St., nr. Ave. A;

The place to go for cardamom buns or poppy-seed-topped tebirkes.

188 Ave. B, nr. E. 12th St.;

A radio station, listening room, and bar with a great gimlet and avocado toast for snacking.

120 St. Marks Pl., nr. Ave. A;

A discreet, serene omakase counter up top with a cocktail lounge downstairs.

131 Ave. A, nr. St. Marks Pl.;

Ice cream during the day plus small plates, natural wine, and lots of dessert at night.

130 St. Marks Pl., nr. Ave. A;

Chef Marco Lin — who worked at the ultrapricey Sushi Ginza Onodera — charges a relatively affordable $250 for his omakase.

119 Ave. A, nr. St. Marks Pl.;

Bigger than the original and finally open for business — really!

145 Ave. C, at E. 9th St.;

Brunch is served until 5 p.m. every day (disco fries!) at this corner bar, but last call doesn’t arrive until 4 a.m.

208 E. 7th St., nr. Ave. B;

The specialty is “layered sushi” — meaning each bite features multiple garnishes and eats like a fully composed dish.

102 Ave. C, nr. E. 7th St.;

A velvet-curtained cocktail bar where standing isn’t allowed and reservations are strongly encouraged.

540 E. 5th St., nr. Ave. B;

The Brie-and-onion-topped L’Original burger matches the French-bistro aesthetic.

150 E. 2nd St., at Ave. A;

Burmese specialties from the family behind the beloved Yun Café & Asian Mart in Jackson Heights.

15 Ave. A, nr. E. 2nd St.;

The Roberta’s team goes full wine bar with veal tortellini and grilled tripe to eat.