If you are a picky eater, this restaurant is for you, quite literally, because they will let you pick your own fish before you enjoy a meal at this place. In other words, this Japanese restaurant will let you catch your own fish before the chef puts it on a plate for you. You get to sit on a boat and get to have the whole experience. 

Japanese restaurant lets you catch your own fish for a meal

In an Instagram video, posted by a page called Hangry By Nature, you can see what the whole experience at this restaurant will look like. Zauo Restaurant, in Osaka, Japan, will let you catch fish from a pool that is present inside the venue for a fresh meal, literally out of the water right in front of you. Once the diner catches a fish, the restaurant announces the feat. The restaurant staff will also click a picture of you with the fish that you caught after which the fish will be sent to the chef for a scrumptious meal. 

The fish caught by the customer will be much cheaper than the regular price, according to the restaurant’s website. For example, the regular price of a red-snapper fish is 4,180 Japanese yen (Rs 2,332), but if caught by the customer, it will be priced at 1,810 Japanese yen (Rs 1,010).” However, the customers will have to pay 110 Japanese yen (Rs 61).

red-snapper fish Pexels

The video went viral 

The video posted on Instagram has gone massively viral, the caption with the video reads, “Who do you want to go fishing with in Japan?” A user wrote, “I want to do this, so fun.” Another added, “Now I am adding this to my bucketlist!!!.” 

Japanese restaurant comments Instagram Screengrab @hangrybynature

“That is so cool. I really want to go to Japan,” wrote a third. 

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