Many Tripadvisor reviews of DK Oyster Mykonos allege the place is a scam. The owner, however, has hit back at the negative press, saying: “we have advertised in the ways we consider suitable for our restaurant and we will not succumb to the influencers who have been attracted to the beautiful island of Mykonos.”

Reviews of DK Oyster Mykonos on Tripadvisor do not paint a pretty picture. Of the 1,074 reviews that exist at the time of writing, 631 of them are “terrible” (read: one star out of five). 33 are “poor,” 19 are “average,” 52 are “very good” and 339 are “excellent.”

Tripadvisor also has a “message from Tripadvisor” above the reviews. The message reads: “Tripadvisor has been made aware of recent media reports or events concerning this property which may not be reflected in reviews found on this listing. Accordingly, you may wish to perform additional research for information about this property when making your travel plans.”

Disgruntled reviews of DK Oyster. Credit: Tripadvisor

Interesting. So, what’s the backstory? Basically, there are a bunch of tourists who claim they were scammed by the restaurant. They claim they had a hard time getting their hands on menus, and that the blackboard prices were either hard to decipher, or misleading. One mother and daughter say they were charged €600 ($881 AUD) for two drinks and a plate of crab legs.

When they questioned the bill, they were allegedly told: “I will call the police. They will keep you here and you will not return to your homeland. We can easily find where you live.”

A Canadian couple on their honeymoon made a similar complaint, telling media they were charged $570 USD ($818 AUD) for a dozen oysters, a beer and an Aperol spritz. The couple say they were not provided with a proper menu, pressured into ordering food and given a bill in Greek.

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According to Metro, the owner said if they weren’t given a cocktail menu, despite asking for one, they shouldn’t have placed an order.

He said the woman was an “influencer looking to get famous” and that “no adult in their right mind” would order a drink without first checking its price.

As for the other similar dozens of complaints (of customers being refused menus) on Tripadvisor of the restaurant, the owner said he had decided to put three blackboards at the entrance displaying prices, in response.

More disgruntled reviews of DK Oyster. Credit: Tripadvisor

The common gripe Tripadvisor reviewers have seems pretty clear: astronomical prices, which only become evident when you get the bill.

One review, entitled “worse” read: “Terrible don’t go. Scam artists and cons. Honest businesses don’t resort to these kinds of tactics. Don’t know why they are allowed to be open.”

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Another said: “SCAM! THIEVES! DON’T GO HERE!“. This was followed up by: “Absolutely the worst! I was charged 600 Euros for a drink and a portion of oysters. They are total scammers!”

It has also been called “a complete con,” a place with “no menu or prices” and a place the police should take a close look at. Another Tripadvisor reviewer said “the owner is deluded” claiming he (as part of a group) “ordered 36 Oysters between our group of 6, the waiter said they were very cheap but very tasty – GREAT we thought.”

Yet more angry reviews. Credit: Tripadvisor

The story continues: “When the bill came they wanted $2400 – I’m fairly sure they have hired ex-military staff who will stand over you until you pay, I noticed a very long machete under his black robe that he looked at and then winked at me.”

“I thought about running out, but I couldn’t leave my entourage behind… So i offered to settle the bill at $150 which I felt was more justifiable, in short this place is a joke.”

Regardless of how much poetic license you believe is evident in these reviews, if you don’t like paying high prices for oysters and alcohol, DK Oyster would seem like a good place to give a miss.

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