True Brew San Jose - Your Home for Great Eats and Craft Beer

True Brew San Jose - Your Home for Great Eats and Craft Beer(  We weren’t always True Brew San Jose. Some of our customers might remember us as Growler USA. Our business is no longer operating under this name, and we’re proud to announce that we’re rebranding as True Brew San Jose. We are confident that tourists and locals alike will appreciate this pivot. Our food is a fusion of many different cultures, and we consider it a testament to the diversity of San Jose. At True Brew San Jose, we believe in a slogan: “True To The Brew.” We are proud to be an independent source of craft beer and a restaurant in San Jose that offers incredible food to all who enter!

Our CEO, Vaslav Taranduke, decided to open up a taphouse. Taranduke has always loved beer, and he loves the fact that food and drink could bring people together for some incredible moments and connections. He’s the definition of the American Dream! True Brew San Jose is a taphouse and kitchen that offers a variety of food, craft beer, and wine. We know that the neighborhood will appreciate our excellent customer service, incredible selection, and the comfortable atmosphere that we provide.

We’re within ten minutes of local breweries like Uproar Brewing Company, Hapa’s Brewing Company, Clandestine Brewing, and many more. It’s an honor to be mentioned among these breweries, and we are proud to be part of the local brewing community. Are you a fan of the San Jose Sharks? We’re a 100% San Jose Sharks brewpub, and even located very close to the SAP Center at San Jose!  It doesn’t matter whether you’re stopping by for a birthday, a sports game, or a brewpub to relax after work – we will be here! Don’t just choose any random bar, choose True Brew San Jose!

True Brew San Jose
787 The Alameda #10
San Jose, CA 95126

True Brew San Jose - Your Home for Great Eats and Craft Beer

About the Team

The Owner, Vaslav Taranduke, is the definition of the American Dream. He was once an actor in Belarus and moved to the United States in 1991. In fact, Taranduke has worked for respected tech companies like Apple, Adobe, and Macromedia. He has finally fulfilled his real dream: opening a taphouse restaurant in San Jose. David Johnson is a San Jose native. He has worked in the service industry for 25 years and was the former coffee buyer and head roaster for Barefoot Coffee. He then helped to open the local bistro Park Station Hashery. Afterwards, the opportunity to open True Brew SJ (formerly Growler USA) became a reality. He envisions an inclusive space for the community that is culturally aware and progressive with its events and approach, whether it be music, arts or the craft beer scene.  For more information, please visit

Vaslav Taranduke