Ube-Focused Dessert and Drink Shop, Café 86, Announces Two New Franchises for California

The two new franchises are part of a new sales effort as the brand seeks to add more locations throughout California and surrounding states.

Ube-Focused Dessert and Drink Shop, Café 86, Announces Two New Franchises for CaliforniaBurbank, CA  (RestaurantNews.comCafé 86, a California-based café known for its Signature Ube Truffles, Cupcakes, Halo Halo, and other ube-centric offerings, has just announced two new franchise agreements signed for California, including the very first franchise for the brand.

Throughout March and April, Café 86 secured two new franchise locations. The very first franchise will land in Burbank owned by Lorna Lam while Eagle Rock is gaining the second location, owned by Christine Evangelista and Ashley Danielle.

Café 86 currently has seven operational locations throughout California and one location in Las Vegas. Two additional locations are coming soon to California — one in Daly City and one in Fresno.

The brand has seamlessly led the charge into the Ube “purple yam” dessert space, giving customers a delightful selection of ube-focused desserts and drinks, plus other classic and traditional items. There are over 30 signature desserts that spotlight the root vegetable, which offers notes of coconut and vanilla.

Co-founders and husband-wife team, Ginger and James Dimapasok, who both have Filipino backgrounds, first started Café 86 in 2014 in Chino, California and quickly saw the value in putting the spotlight on ube, which is a staple in most Filipino desserts. From there, the buzz grew quickly and Café 86 and its creations have become a dessert favorite among the locals.

Café 86 gives its franchisees incredible PR-backed brand power out of the gate, backed by Ginger’s Food Network “Chopped Sweets” champion title, plus a slew of appearances for the brand throughout various media outlets.

The brand continues to seek out new franchise partners to join their network of locations. Training, support, and recipes are part of each agreement. Café 86 also gives its franchisees a suite of marketing tools and resources.

To learn more about Café 86 and its franchise opportunity, visit www.cafe-86franchise.com.

Ube-Focused Dessert and Drink Shop, Café 86, Announces Two New Franchises for California

About Café 86

Award-winning recipes lead the charge for ube-centric sweet stop, Café 86. Founded in 2014 in Chino, California, Café 86 is proud to offer a delicious menu of fan favorites including milkshakes, milk tea, truffles, cupcakes, cheesecakes, espresso drinks, and more. To learn more about Café 86, visit www.cafe-86.com. Franchise information can be found at www.cafe-86franchise.com.

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