Visit The Mitre and Richmond's Carbon Neutral Pizza Kitchen Named After the UK's Cutest Pub Dog

The Mitre, in Richmond, has taken huge steps forward in the hospitality industry by introducing a carbon neutral pizza kitchen, which is named after Rudi the Cocker Spaniel, a previous winner of the UK’s cutest pub dog.

Rudi’s Pizza Kitchen, which sits inside the walls of The Mitre, might just become your go-to eatery – if you take a closer look at the details you’ll be blown away by their back story.

Owner of The Mitre, Chris French, is very proud of both their environmentally friendly pizza production, and of course the award-winning pup it was named after.

“Not long ago we decided to install a pizza kitchen at the pub. The first major decision was which oven we were going to install. Going electric seemed like it was the greenest choice available to us – we use Good Energy which provides us with 100% renewable energy from their collection of independent energy generators.

“The pizza oven we settled on not only provides us with temperatures needed to create perfect pizza, but also the most energy efficient available at the time.

“We also researched the fridges that we installed. Opting for the most energy efficient products available to us has always been a priority. These appliances created the perfect pathway for us to go carbon neutral.

“All of the packaging that we use for deliveries and takeaways is carbon neutral too. They are made from either plant based materials or from recycled (and recyclable) cardboard.

“We pride ourselves on leaving a zero carbon footprint on the delivery side of the operation too.

“When we decided on the scooter we were going to use to deliver the pizzas, the only option for us was a Vespa (traditional Italian) Electricca which is a fully electric scooter. On a single charge we are able to have a full 50 mile range and need to only recharge once a week. Which itself takes only 3p of renewable electricity to fully charge.”

One of the co-founders of London-based hospitality marketing agency, CJ Digital, Calum Ward, recently sampled one of Rudi’s famous pizzas and said the taste certainly lived up to the name.

“Not only is this the best pub in Richmond, it also has the best pizza in Richmond and the cutest pub dog of all time! Many different ales on tap, create your own pizza (I went with Parma ham & rocket) and you get to say hi to Rudi upon arrival too.

“I loved my time at The Mitre & can’t wait to come back soon. Thanks to Chris for taking responsibility in the pizza-production industry! I hope this trend continues across London.”

The Mitre is located a short stroll from Richmond train station, with Rudi’s pizza kitchen open from 3-10pm Wednesday – Friday,  12-10pm on Saturdays and 12-7:30pm on Sundays. There are also live music events on Sundays.

You might even get to say hi to Rudi while you’re there too!