Wegmania does Manhattan. Photo: Mark Abramson

It’s hard to believe it’s been four months since Wegmans saw fit to grace Brooklyn with its particular brand of customer service and cheap groceries, but the borough has really been blessed for that long.

Shortly after opening, the Rochester-born grocery began offering delivery via Instacart, but only in Brooklyn. No longer. Starting today, folks in Manhattan can order groceries from Wegmans without once stepping foot in Kings County. According to Instacart, the company will deliver to all 40-plus zip codes in the borough.

The only caveat: The delivery windows will be much longer — an estimated two to five hours — due to longer driving times. So, plan on being home all afternoon and/or ordering enough groceries to last for at least two weeks. Or, you could just head to Brooklyn and experience the magic of Wegmans in person, as the food gods intended.