Where all the White Claw has gone. Photo: White Claw

The Claw giveth, the Claw taketh away. As a result of the so-called summer of spiked seltzer, America is in the clutches of an epidemic: a shortage of White Claw. According to a report from Business Insider, booze store owners as well as White Claw enthusiasts around the country all report that, yes, Chad is freaking out because he doesn’t know where to get any Black Cherry.

The beer manager of Fort Worth, Texas, store Goody Goody Liquor tells Insider that customers have an insatiable appetite, saying “it doesn’t matter how much White Claw we get in.” It’s gotten so bad there’s now rationing, according to Richboro Beer and Soda owner Ken Wieler, who shares that his Pennsylvania store’s distributor has instituted a limit of 39 cases per order. Wieler says the store normally sells 65 cases a week. Meanwhile, customers report purchasing cases with empty cans, which is either a mistake or a taunt from White Claw owner, Mark Anthony Brands.

Sales of the beverage this year have exploded like a violently shaken seltzer, and White Claw’s senior-vice-president of marketing, Sanjiv Gajiwala, tells Business Insider the company is “working around the clock” to end the shortages and trying to “keep all markets in stock the best we can.” One solution? Just make a vodka soda.