Photo: Cody Rasmussen

A reminder: You have just about two weeks left to try Grub Street’s Breakfast Salad, which is available at all Just Salad locations for the month of February.

Why, you may be asking yourself, is it called the Breakfast Salad? The answer is that we modeled it off a classic breakfast sandwich, taking the basic structure of a classic BEC and transforming it into something fresher, more vibrant, and more appropriate for lunch.

That means it’s a base of spinach and romaine, mixed with crisp turkey bacon, hard-boiled egg, cubes of sharp white-cheddar cheese, grape tomatoes, slivers of scallions, and crunchy croutons. It’s tossed with Just Salad’s buttermilk ranch, and if you’d like, you can add a drizzle of sriracha.

We are biased, of course, but we are also very confident when we say: It is a very enjoyable salad. Hearty without feeling heavy, familiar yet new, fresh and healthy but also still extremely delicious. We think you’ll like it a lot! But once March rolls around, the Breakfast Salad will be gone forever, so get it now while you still can.

As part of its collaboration with Just Salad, Vox Media will receive a percentage of all sales of the Breakfast Salad.