Rita Ora’s team offered a restaurant $9000 to break COVID rules for her 30th birthday bash, UK police claim.

It also had CCTV cameras turned off as guests arrived at the venue on November 28 – amid the UK’s second virus lockdown.

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Police say CCTV hard drives were reformatted two days later, with no footage available from the previous month.

The star has since apologised for the party, as details emerged in a licence review for Casa Cruz in London’s Notting Hill due to be heard today.

In a statement to police on December 1, former Casa Cruz boss Scottie Bhattarai said he was contacted by a representative of Rita on his personal mobile at 5.30pm.

He said the person wanted somewhere for “drinks and nibbles” and he was offered $9000.

Most staff were on furlough so Mr Bhattarai went to the venue to “facilitate”, admitting he was “greedy”.

He said the plan was to have around seven guests but by 9pm almost 20 had turned up.

They reportedly included model Cara Delevingne, her sister Poppy and Towie’s Vas Morgan.

Police were called just before midnight. Photos later emerged of Rita and friends leaving – as revealed by The Sun.

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PC James Larner said windows were blacked out but he and a colleague peered through gaps to see people at tables with empty glasses.

Doors were locked so they knocked on windows but got no response from those inside.

Mr Bhattarai’s statement says guests brought their own alcohol – Rita Ora Tequila.

The report adds: “Security for the entourage wanted no recordings of attendees – Rita etc – to be made, hence (Bhattarai) decided to turn off CCTV between 6pm and 6.30pm.’’

Mr Bhattarai refused to pass on the details of who arranged the party.

He said that no payment had been made at the time.

He has since been removed from his post.

Rita later apologised for “breaking the rules” and volunteered to pay an $18,000 fine.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission