A popular Perth eatery has been named and shamed after multiple breaches of the Food Act.

Arirang Korean BBQ restaurant and cafe will have to cough up fines totalling $45,000 plus court costs of $2500 after a string of convictions late last month.

The restaurant, owned by Silver Vision Pty Ltd, was found to have failed on a number of fronts: not storing food in a way that would prevent contamination, not maintaining a standard of cleanliness, and not maintaining the premises in a good state of repair.

It was also fined for not ensuring its food handlers had adequate skills and knowledge in food safety and food hygiene.

Founded by the Yu family, Arirang serves a mix of traditional Korean dishes and modern fusion and was WA’s first Korean barbecue restaurant, according to its website.

Arirang was WA’s first Korean barbecue restaurant.
Camera IconArirang was WA’s first Korean barbecue restaurant. Credit: Iain Gillespie/The West Australian

Officers from the City of Perth identified the breaches during three different visits in 2020: two in March and one in June.

It’s not the first time the Barrack Street store has been hauled through the courts for shoddy food handling and poor cleanliness.

The restaurant was also hit with big fines in 2018 — $30,000 plus $1800 in costs — for breaches recorded across three different dates.

Most related to a lack of cleanliness and a failure to keep the premises in a good state of repair but inspectors also issued notices about not having warm running water hand washing and not properly storing food to protect it from contamination.

Owner Daniel Yu said the kitchen was old and the breaches occurred during lockdown when fewer staff were employed to work the kitchens.

“It was a very difficult situation during lockdown,” Mr Yu said.

He said since the breaches identified last year, the kitchens had been kept clean and inspections by the City of Perth had found the restaurant met food handling standards.